Observation Dome

And this week's Who/Dwarf moment is...

"Didn't want to call it a magic door."

Almost certainly pure coincidence, but it didn't stop me shouting "Well why didn't you say?" Because I'm a cunt.


That's okay, I almost shouted it too. AND you beat me to posting it.

By Seb Patrick [TypeKey Profile Page] on 08-05-06 @ 23:12

The moment I saw that, I thought "Hah, Red Dwarf reference - I bet they'll mention that on Observation Dome." Then winced at myself.

By Spatterdash on 10-05-06 @ 19:20

How's this for a Who/Dwarf moment then?


Billie Piper IS Holly!

(scanned from today's Radio Times)

By si on 23-05-06 @ 15:21

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