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Things in Red Dwarf that never occured to you before...

Why is Rimmer wearing lederhosen for his holiday around Red Dwarf's diesel decks?


From wikipedia - "Lederhosen have remained popular and are commonly associated with virility and brawn. Some men still enjoy wearing them when hiking, working outdoors, or attending folk festivals and Beer Gardens, although they are rarely seen elsewhere."

Maybe he feels like he's on a hiking holiday? He probably wears them 'cause they're a symbol of masculinity, but a totally ridiculous one, which is Rimmer all over. If he's into Morris dancing he can wear lederhosen. Of course, the main reason he wears them is because it's funny.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 26-03-06 @ 22:22

The greater question is: why do you allow your boyfriend to wank to that image?

By Phil on 27-03-06 @ 12:27

Thanks, performingmonkey: that makes a lot of sense!

Phil: don't even get me started on what John wanks to...

By Tanya Jones on 28-03-06 @ 11:11

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