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"Would you be so awfully kind as to leave?"

The nice fire alarm



By si on 11-03-06 @ 14:25

Why, it seems like a 'Gent' alarm as seen in the Dimension Jump hotel!

"My dear boy, are you aware the building is on fire? Most unsavoury, wouldn't you say?"

By Cappsy on 11-03-06 @ 16:16

I still love our fire alarm at work, which has a very cross sounding man, but slightly faster than he should be, which makes his "Attention! Attention! Due to health and safety reasons you must now leave the building" announcement seem rather comical.

Unless it's going off for real, in which case I suspect I'd be too busy panicking to laugh.

By Kirk [TypeKey Profile Page] on 11-03-06 @ 18:16

SMEG refridgerators. Parodied in 'Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the Were-Rabbit' with SMUG.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 11-03-06 @ 20:44

There was an ad on TV recently for a store called Harvey Norman, and they were advertising their range of fridges and washing machines and so on, and they mentioned that they sold SMEG fridges. Only they pronounced it "shmeg" for some reason.

By antipodean on 18-03-06 @ 08:39


By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 18-03-06 @ 15:33

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