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We messed up...

Yep, we messed up. On what, you ask? TM:YNYN - that's what. And as IMDb lists some of our goofs, I thought I'd explain them away for you all in true PiP style...

Miscellaneous: The Duke of Manchester flubs his lines in one scene, saying "I'm afraid I don't have that kind of money I'm afraid", and is visibly seen to flinch after doing so.

He did flub the line, however, from watching the rushes, the flinching (and subsequent biting of lip) seems to be more aimed at stifling the corpsing than concern over the flub.

Factual errors: One of the "parody" lines is a misquote, saying "You're a cancerous polyp on the anus of society", rather than "on the anus of humanity" as said by Rimmer in the episode "Terrorform".


Plot holes: Helen Norman researches "the Duke of Manchester" on the Internet immediately after Doug has come off the phone to the Australian, despite his not having mentioned the name of the caller.

Well, it's quite simple really. When the Duke rang Helen, he started his phone call with who he was, as many people do. Helen didn't know Manchester well enough to know if there was a Duke or not, so Googled him.

Crew or equipment visible: Stray chairs, supermarket carrier bags and a refrigerator are clearly visible in the background of scenes that were intended to be set in an office building (but were, in fact, filmed in the kitchen of a University halls of residence).

Grant Naylor Productions were in a temporary office for the weekend.

Oh, and it was a fridge freezer.

So - anyone got some more goofs for us?


Re: The Duke one. Cappsy cocked up the line in a rehearsal by putting "I'm afraid" at the beginning and the end, and it made me laugh so much I told him to do it for the actual take. And yes, it is indeed corpsing. There was a lot of that.

Grant Naylor Productions were in a temporary office for the weekend.

What, a fifty year weekend?

By Ian Symes on 08-07-06 @ 11:02

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