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Here, Mousie, Mousie!

I've got some cheese! I only want to be your friend! *smashes baseball bat around*

WE'VE GOT A MOUSE. It ate my bread and shat on the floor.

I'm seriously considering using the baseball bat method.


Don't do what this bloke did...

By Ian Symes on 11-01-06 @ 20:06

Hahaha, I bet he wont do that ever again

By Ghostie on 11-01-06 @ 21:08



By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 11-01-06 @ 23:49

You big fucking girl.

By Joey on 13-01-06 @ 16:38

It is fucking horrible though, isn't it. My parents' house where I grew up and where they still live used to get mice quite a lot and it freaked me out. The eventually solved it by sealing every possible entry point - there used to be loads because the house is big and old. Various ventilation holes and things, my dad said he was in the garden once and he was watching a mouse approaching a previous entry point that he'd just put a brick in the way of temporarily until putting one of those proper bricks with holes in. There was a tiny gap at the top of the brick, and my dad saw the mouse squash its body flat to get through. It literally flattened its skeleton in order to get through that gap. My dad promptly filled in all the entry holes after that.

As I was growing up I became quite accustomed to encountering granules of mouse/rat poison on pieces of cardboard under various items of furniture. I also learned from my dad that mice go for chocolate on mouse-traps but not cheese. The smell of mice rotting somewhere under floorboards that would never be lifted up was also a frequent delight. Eventually the smell just goes away, see.

By Felix on 16-01-06 @ 15:21

Apparently, mice can squeeze themselves into a hole 1/4 of an inch wide.

Anyway, I've not heard it about for a bit. It ate a lot of the plastic bread wrapper (and I mean a LOT), so it's possible it died from that. We might start to smell it in a few days...

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 16-01-06 @ 18:04

Do you live on a terrace? If so it's probably moving its way along the line. My parent's house is just stand alone in the middle of a big garden so a mouse in the house was a mouse in the house.

By Felix on 19-01-06 @ 14:29

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