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In the first trailer on the DVD, where Rimmer disappears from the cockpit, the sound is different and the visual effect isn't in place - he just disappears. Proving that Presentation were using clips from a rough cut of the episode.



Well spotted. But since it has the laughter intact, does that mean that even the audience saw a rough cut, without effects or sounds?

By Phil Reed on 20-02-06 @ 02:27

Um...surely it means that, just like Cheers, 'Red Dwarf is filmed before a live studio audience'. (That scene would have been - with Teh Barrie stepping out as-rehearsed for the effect to be cut later. But sure, usually an audience would be shown a rough cut - often pre-record scenes would have been shot the day before, or even the same day.)

Oh, Phil - while you're on. Stinky Pinky has been popularised in the UK under the name Wonky Donkey. And where I come from, shandy is made with beer and lemonade; no gingerness is involed. Which explains at least two of my crap interview answers. :-)

By Andrew on 20-02-06 @ 09:37

>Um...surely it means that

That really comes as a surprise to me. Maybe just because the other shows I enjoy either a) aren't as effect-heavy as Dwarf or b) don't have a studio audience, but I figured just about ALL the effects would be in place to be shown to the audience.

Glamor shots and such of the ship, I can understand those being spliced in later, but something that is actually a plot development, or a joke (such as Rimmer disappearing and the Kryten/Cat exchance that follows) would have been recorded previously.

I learned something today.

>shandy is made with beer and lemonade

Make that two things I've learned today. It sounds horrible. I'll try some this weekend.

By Phil Reed on 22-02-06 @ 21:27

Make that two things I've learned today. It sounds horrible. I'll try some this weekend.

Horrible?! It's one of the most refreshing drinks ever! It makes you look like a girlie pants if you drink one in public, though.

By Cappsy on 23-02-06 @ 16:08

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