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Have I got a second series?


OK, OK, I admit it - I only saw the first episode. I thought it was terrible, so didn't bother with the rest. (Contrast The IT Crowd, which I loved from the first minute.) I shall attempt to watch the last two eps, though.

But I must say - I didn't expect another series....


Well, neither did I, but I've stuck with it, and maybe if the writers have read what various people have written in reviews and online about the show's downfalls, they can use the second series to iron out Hyperdrive's faults.

By si on 14-02-06 @ 18:02

I'd get rid of Sandstrom for a start.

And those stupid bloody announcements.

By si on 14-02-06 @ 18:03

Very surprising, considering the gulf between the cost and the reaction. But I'm pleased - everything deserves a second chance. If only Hippies had got a second series...

By Ian Symes on 14-02-06 @ 18:04

> '"There are so many laugh-out-loud moments, resistance is futile" - Daily Mirror'


By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 14-02-06 @ 19:54

Dang. I was in the same room as the Director General last night (for the last Iannucci lecture), and if I'd known they were planning this I would have threatened him with a broken champagne glass...

By Seb Patrick [TypeKey Profile Page] on 15-02-06 @ 08:23

Interestingly, in today's new issue of SFX, Hyperdrive is summed up as 25% The Office, 20% Hitchhiker's, 15% Galloping Galaxies, 15% Spaceballs, 5% Decent new gags, and 20% "Red Drawf[sic]"

By si on 15-02-06 @ 13:35

Consistent editorial policy and regular communication between writers, there.

By Seb on 15-02-06 @ 15:58

It's nothing like The Office or Red Dwarf.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 16-02-06 @ 03:00

No, it really isn't, is it? I'm really not sure where they've got that one from.

"Let's just list all the sci-fi comedies that we can think of, and then throw in a recent comedy hit".

By Seb on 16-02-06 @ 14:18

Glad to hear it. :)

By si on 16-02-06 @ 18:00

Ignore that last comment. Delete it, even.

By si on 16-02-06 @ 18:01


By Ian Symes on 16-02-06 @ 18:24

The Office reference is pretty tenuous - the whispered/mumbled/stuttered/overlapping performances are just as akin to, I dunno, Phoenix Nights or People Like Us.

The Spaceballs comparison is eaqually flimsy - Eldon is the only 'parody' character, and it never breaks the 4th wall.

Still, I continue to feel the Dwarf influence - gags and references that everyone, cast an audience alike, seem to have forgotten Dwarf already did. And better.

Someone asked me if it was like RD a couple of weeks ago. I said "They've tried to avoid any appearance of it being like Dwarf by taking away the studio audience and throwing money at it."

By Andrew on 16-02-06 @ 21:47

Very charitable of you not to have added "and removing the funny bits" when you said that...

By Seb on 17-02-06 @ 12:08

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