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Don't you just love the idea of Doug Naylor wandering into a discussion in the GNP offices and suddenly coming up with the title and/or idea like that?


It's not a bad title, despite putting Red Dwarf and 'geek' together, which is something I thought we were well past these days. Anyway, trust GNP to go and do something totally ingenious with the Beat the Geek idea, with three categories of player.

Take something like the Lord of the Rings trilogy Trivial Pursuit DVD edition (which I own) for example. If you don't care for the movies, or know smeg all about LOTR in general, you don't want to play it. And also, no matter what, if you're a fan and say your mum wants to play (or your great aunt, pick a relative...), if you play you're always gonna win and that's just crap. With general knowledge everyone stands a chance. Well...almost everyone. Some people don't even know the capital of Tajikistan. I mean come on, how thick can you get? (it's Dushanbe by the way if you think I'm just being a smartass cunt. and no I didn't just look it up on wikipedia).

Anyway, looking forward to this.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 22-04-06 @ 03:18

It would be the perfect disc to put Universe Challenge on if the rights could be sorted out. Hopefully it will have some new Dwarf bits and not just be archive material, with links and stuff like the Kryten ones in the Smeg Ups video.

By Daff on 22-04-06 @ 11:02

I would imagine that Kryten, 5 years after a head was last made, would be prohibitively expensive.

But I might well be wrong.

By Kirk [TypeKey Profile Page] on 22-04-06 @ 23:49

Good point, Kirk...but whether it's true or not, let's face the fact that it's nearly always Kryten doing these not-quite-Dwarf-but-Dwarf-related links. Wouldn't it be nice if this time around the links were done by Holly? Rimmer? John Hoare?

Mix it up a bit!

By Phil on 23-04-06 @ 02:24

> Wouldn't it be nice if this time around the links were done by Holly? Rimmer? John Hoare?

Yeah, they need a cast member. Although Norman would probably tell them to fuck off. And can you can imagine his voice all through the DVD... Chris would be best. Or better still get all the cast in.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 23-04-06 @ 02:36

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