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What the...


I only found this site because the cheeky git's background is taken directly from The White Hole and using my bandwidth!

Give me a few days and I'm going to replace the image with... something else.


That's given me a laugh.

By performingmonkey on 25-09-05 @ 03:43

People steal and hotlink my images all the time, especially on forums because I have a lot of smilies available on one of the sites I run. There's not a lot you can do though, I tend to email the sites and ask them to remove the posts in question but I rarely get a reply - if I'm lucky I'll get a stock response.

By Paul [TypeKey Profile Page] on 25-09-05 @ 14:21

What makes it even better is that the person looks to be a complete and utter pillock.

Meaning that you should feel no guilt about replacing the image with one of a HUGE GIANT COCK.

By Seb Patrick [TypeKey Profile Page] on 25-09-05 @ 14:28

Jono, you are clearly a hayduh.


By Joey on 25-09-05 @ 17:30

I'd recommend an image from here

By Daff [TypeKey Profile Page] on 25-09-05 @ 19:58

Have I missed something here, I can't recall Cappsy having a half naked, I belong in the village people, type of chap on Whitehole as a background...But each to their own...Ah, maybe the alledged tea leaf has changed it now....Remains confused...

By Cpt-D on 04-10-05 @ 23:45

Darling, his Matrix-Red Dwarf background is linked directly from my downloads section of The White Hole. I've just checked and it's still there.

I've not had the heart to change it to anything yet, though...

By Cappsy on 05-10-05 @ 09:08

Do it, Cappsy, he deserves it.

By Spid on 05-10-05 @ 21:39

There we go.

I've been kind to him... this time.

By Cappsy on 06-10-05 @ 20:43

Aww, he's moved on to some other poor sod's bandwidth now.

I feel like my chick has flown the nest :(

By Cappsy on 07-10-05 @ 17:57

Umm, Cappsy?


By Spid on 11-10-05 @ 09:29

That's Danny - he made it.

By IanIanSymes [TypeKey Profile Page] on 11-10-05 @ 09:55

Oh, well thats alright then..

By Spid on 11-10-05 @ 10:01

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