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Dimension Jump was shown on UKTV G2 earlier. According to the missus, who watched it, the preceeding continuity announcement was something like:

Now on G2, Rimmer meets Rimmer. No, it's not a porn convention, it's Red Dwarf.


What does the man mean mommy?

By Rad on 22-09-05 @ 12:44

Are you my mummy?

By The Empty Child on 22-09-05 @ 13:48

No more talk about analingus. Go to your room!

By The Doctor on 22-09-05 @ 13:49

Yep, good old Ian Symes. As dumbed down as ever.

By Bluebell on 22-09-05 @ 17:56

I wish BBC links were more like that.

By performingmonkey on 22-09-05 @ 18:57

For White Hole the other day, as well as fading down the sound for the announcement over the credits, they faded down the picture as well. Once the announcement finished, they faded it back up again.

I mean, FFS.

By John Hoare on 22-09-05 @ 21:30

I wouldn't be surprised if that was due to some inept engineer pressing the wrong button or turning the wrong dial.

By The Empty Child on 22-09-05 @ 22:41

I agree, The Empty Child.

By Ian Symes on 22-09-05 @ 22:41


By John Hoare on 22-09-05 @ 23:06

You know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness?

By Joey on 23-09-05 @ 14:42

'You know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness?'

Yes I do. In fact I am all of these people in this thread. Even you.

By Rad on 23-09-05 @ 18:50


By performingmonkey on 24-09-05 @ 00:55

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