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Good news, everyone!

The word 'arse' is now permitted on BTLi!


Thank fuck for that!

By Tanya Jones on 20-09-05 @ 07:26

What about Cholë Annette's foaming twat?

By Spid on 20-09-05 @ 09:19

Chloe's twat is still frowned upon in many circles.

By Ian Symes on 20-09-05 @ 09:52

Chloè surely?

By Mr Flibble on 20-09-05 @ 10:19

I'm amused by the fact that us lot are for more bothered about the "Chloé" thing than she was when I pointed it out to her.

By Ian Symes on 20-09-05 @ 11:05

Heh, I didn't realise you pointed it out to her!

I must learn to pay attention.

By Cappsy on 20-09-05 @ 12:23

"The word 'arse' is now permitted on BTLi"

Yeah, but what I want to know is when it'll be permitted here...

Sorry, that's really lame, had this window open for 2 hours without clicking submit.

By performingmonkey on 21-09-05 @ 04:02

Wow! Well, at least I've made one good decision this year.

By Wend on 21-09-05 @ 11:12

Why oh why do I still giggle uncontrollably at Chloé?

By Joey on 21-09-05 @ 19:14

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