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Dwarf is better than [insert SF show here] Part #2834642

I have just bought the DVD of Firefly.

Firefly is brilliant.

The special effects in Firefly are brilliant.

However, the model shots Red Dwarf did back in 1988 (or, technically, 1987) look more convincing...


This is very true. The CGI in Serenity wasn't all that brilliant either.

By Kirk [TypeKey Profile Page] on 26-11-05 @ 23:09

The CG in Serenity seemed TV movie quality most of the time. I didn't care for the film much anyway, but if I'd watched Firefly I might have liked it more. What I do like are the effects in Galactica.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 27-11-05 @ 19:59

Seriously, the Red Dwarf model does not look very good. Particularly the flight over the top and that really pathetic lamp at the back.

By Rad on 29-11-05 @ 14:35

Even though I love the shot, I do agree that the flight over the top of the ship exposes some of the model's flaws. It's one of the few shots that does, though.

But I love the lamp at the back. It certainly screams "old mining ship trundling around space" more than bloody *boosters* does...

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 29-11-05 @ 17:18

The boosters were fine when they weren't boosting the ship off into the horizon like something out or Wars or Trek.

I think visually they are better than the lamp.

By Rad on 30-11-05 @ 14:09

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