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Officially released Monday, but surely some of you must have it by now. Anyway, it's deserving of a quick mention because three of the extras (totalling 14 mins) are about the The Model Unit: Deconstructing Big Ben, Destroying The Lair, and... Mike Tucker's Mocks Of Balloons. Hmmm.

Annoyingly, though, SFX have a rather interesting review - looks like a lot of missed opportunities...


I told Ian last week that I'd write a review, for possible inclusion over at NTS.
So, I've now finished watching every episode with commentary, and every featurette, making notes as I was watching, and I'm just about to type it all up...

In the meantime, I've just read the review at SFX, and they've got all the important points I was going to point out. They've even got the same sub-headline that I was going to use. Wah!

By Si on 20-11-05 @ 15:23

Aw bugger. There is nothing exciting in my review that isn't in SFX's. Ah well. I'll add some swearing, that might do it.

By Si on 20-11-05 @ 16:44

Incidentally - there is an easter egg on Disc four: simply go to the secondary control screen, press down twice (past 'special features' and 'set up') and you'll highlight a hexagon. Select this to play a specially edited version of the 'Trip of a Lifetime' trailer, with no montage or BBC announcer, and an extra 'Do you wanna come with me?' at the end.

So there.

By Si on 20-11-05 @ 17:07

Aw bugger. There is nothing exciting in my review that isn't in SFX's. Ah well. I'll add some swearing, that might do it.

My philosophy when doing G&T Newsrounds, there.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 20-11-05 @ 21:47

4/5 for Doctor Who series one. I didn't like it enough to spend £70 but if no-one buys me it for Christmas, I'll be secretly disappointed.

By Rad on 22-11-05 @ 20:04

I've not got my hands on the set yet, but I'm already dissapointed with the extras list. Filling a disk with Confidential is of no interest to me, and I REALLY wanted deleted scenes.

Still, commentaries and 15 minutes of VixFX will do me nicely. More effort for next year would be nice, though...

By Cappsy on 22-11-05 @ 23:31

Look...the box set is bloody worth it. And since when is it £70? Er, £42.98 at play, duh. For fucks sake, you have a TARDIS-shaped freakin' DVD box set of the best series on this year, with all the cutdown Confidentials, commentaries and other extras. Sure, there's no deleted scenes and I want to know why (perhaps they just couldn't be frigging arsed to get it together...also, many of the eps ran short so no deleted stuff) but it's still worth every penny.

Maybe (and that's a huge in caps MAYBE) they will give us the deleted/alternate scenes and outtakes on the DVD of The Christmas Invasion. They have to put SOMETHING on that release to make it worth owning, 'cause a DVD for one episode really is pushing it. And for some reason I can't see it being in the series 2 boxset.

By the way, David Tennant has got his work cut out for him if he wants to match Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. I just couldn't judge his performance in the Children In Need mini-episode, although he played it pretty child-like and with that accent that I wish he didn't have...but there you go. Of course, he's acting crazy because it's regeneration going wrong time again, and they need Rose's reaction of 'who the fuck is this guy, I don't want him'. Anyway, Who mode cancelled...

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 23-11-05 @ 00:44

Rad wrote:

4/5 for Doctor Who series one.

Elsewhere, Rad wrote:

Yeah, I thought the film was heading into trouble with the American investor scene which I'd kinda already heard the jokes about actors for a year or two now and it seemed a bit overlong. But then, what a triumph! The ending fantastic and hilarious, the Gelf and Rimmer's Self Loathing Best encounters great and Seb Patrick was really good as Doug. 4/5.

So you're saying that TM:YNYN is equally as good as Doctor Who? Excellent!

By IanIanSymes [TypeKey Profile Page] on 23-11-05 @ 10:07

I don't see why The Christmas Invasion (and the Children In Need Scene) won't be part of the series two boxset, myself.

By Si on 23-11-05 @ 12:13

The Who boxset's a bit a monstrosity, though - four series like that and I'll need a new shelf! Plus I have a general dislike for packaging designed for marketing rather than storage and use.

(Oh, how I remember the ideas being thrown at Dwarf for Series I. Fine-ish for a single release, but for all eight? When people would want to keep them together...?)

RRP's a bit much, given that the RRP of a Buffy box used to be much the same for twice as many eps. And not everyone's an internet shopper.

I'd be very surprised if we ever get any deleted scenes, which is a shame because they're always a DVD highlight for me. With the footage still around, there's no technical excuse. I know Doug always felt uncomfortable showing people stuff he cut becuase it didn't work - it's offering up your mistakes.

But that was always the joy of deleted scenes - you get to see the process. It shows the the way things could have gone, how the episode might have differed, without actually changing it. Sadly not all creatives see things the same way - they figure hiding the lost material hides the shame of writers/directors/actors.

Does anyone know the running time for Christmas Invasion? Is it an extended ep, or regular length? Because that'll affect an individual release. (Though I suspect a vanilla release in time for the Series 2 broadcast, then inclusion on NEXT Xmas' boxset anyway.)

I'm looking forward to the Davies commentaries - he's great on the QasF, Second Coming and Bob & Rose ones. Shame he didn't do more for Who...

Really liked Tennant in the brief CiN installment - definitely a different personality, but seemed very warm which Excellstone wasn't so much. I guess we know how Invasion's gonna kick-off!

By Andrew on 23-11-05 @ 14:25

RTD's commentaries are great. The ones which team up Russell, executive producer Julie Gardner and producer Phil Colinson are extremely entertaining.
I read in an interview with the DVD producer (I forget his name) that Russell wanted to do all of them, but just couldn't make all the dates. This was also the case with Billie Piper (who managed to make two commentary recordings) and Christopher Eccleston, the fact that he couldn't make the recording dates being the only reason he doesn't have much of a presence in terms of the extras.
In fact, if you want to exorcise the idea that Eccles is a miserable sod, watch for him larking about during the filming of 'The End of the World' as part of Billie's video diary. :)

By si on 25-11-05 @ 10:45

Mike Tucker's Mocks Of Balloons

Mike Tucker's Moons Of Ballocks

Oh yes I am brilliant.

Oh hang on.

Mike Tucker's Moans Of Bollocks

Oh for fuck's sake I am so very brilliant.

By I am so brilliant on 23-01-06 @ 11:36

"with all the cutdown Confidentials"

Until recently the FULL versions of the Confidentials were on the Who WEBSITE, for streaming. They've since replaced them with the cut-downs and I presumed the full versions would be the priviledge of owners of the series one boxset. But they're not on there?! Why? I don't understand, frankly. And the three episodes per disc thing pisses me off too - it smacks of the old days of VHS where one series would be split across two discs. Can anyone tell me that the discs are packed in some way to make it worth that RRP?

By D'jemmony on 23-01-06 @ 11:53

The set isn't worth the RRP, but since when are you gonna actually buy it at that? The episodes are split over 4 discs because it helps keep the quality good. 13 episodes is also a strange number so it's done this way to avoid a disc with just one or two episodes on it. There are also some short extras on the episode discs so you need space for that.

You don't need the full versions of Confidential on the set because for a start it would be too much to put on one disc and also half of each ep is concentrating on classic Who, which isn't needed on this set. Also, it costs more money for the rights to the music used on the longer confidentials (usually playing over clips of classic Who). There.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 23-01-06 @ 14:43

I loved the context of classic Who in the full length Confidentials. I saw a cut-down Confidential recently, it was the dalek one and I'd seen it before with the old clips and it was brilliant. Doctor who is brilliant i like it smeeeeeeeee heeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 smehng!

By Diffan on 24-01-06 @ 13:38

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