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Where do I start?

Look, Andrew and GNP. It's obvious where *I* start, but after the Fan Films, I have three packed discs to choose from, all with rather tantalising stuff on them. How the hell do you expect me to decide what to watch first?

Also - £13.99 from Play. What an absolute bargain. As the RRP is £22.99 - they've shifted some of those this weekend...


Recieved mine just a minute ago. It's now sitting on my shelf look LOVELY. The Dwarf logo is all but finished, too. VIII will contribute naught but a tiny slither of logo.

By Cappsy on 05-11-05 @ 11:16

Hadn't gotten round to putting it on the shelf...

By Kirk [TypeKey Profile Page] on 05-11-05 @ 11:54

Obviously start by watching Tikka Xtended with the new CG.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 06-11-05 @ 01:03

Alternatively, ejaculate onto the DVD case. You can always wipe it off.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 06-11-05 @ 01:06

Got mine at 10am yesterday. Flicked back and forth through the discs. Fan films first. Then Easter Eggs (love the trailer!). Then the Back from the Dead documentary. Tikka Extended and remastered next, with commentary. Then a few bonus features. Then the rest of the episodes (with commentary)on disc one, with IDW just before moving on to the episodes on disc two. Then, ooh, everything. Had to pop out to do shopping, and ocasionally had to eat and go to the bog, but finished watching it all (including watching the fanfilm montage - all 56 seconds of it - frame by frame to see how much of my film was there [seven seconds - that's 12.5% to you and me]), ending with all the music cues, around midnight.

What a day!

By si [TypeKey Profile Page] on 06-11-05 @ 11:48

I was impressed by how much of your film they used, Si.

By Spid on 06-11-05 @ 12:47

Thank you.

*smug mode*

Actually, I thought the best fanfilm in the montage was the Lego version of White Hole - *very* good.

By si on 06-11-05 @ 13:36

You should see it in full, it's brilliant!

God, I hope GNP make all the runners up available.

By Cappsy on 06-11-05 @ 15:57

>You should see it in full, it's brilliant!

I have!

By Spid on 06-11-05 @ 18:16

Hi Observation Dome people,

I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I just wanted to say that I thought your fan film was fantastic!! You got a lot of laughs out of me - I loved the ending! As soon as I finished watching it I just had to come and post here to say that.

Great stuff!!

By Back For Breakfast on 08-11-05 @ 01:06

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

By Kirk [TypeKey Profile Page] on 08-11-05 @ 08:59

Excellent! Cheers, Mr. Breakfast. At some point today we should have a goodie filled Movie section launched, so look out for that.

By Cappsy on 08-11-05 @ 12:18

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