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Best deleted scene in anything evur

RIMMER: ...and that's basically the gag!


That's random.

By performingmonkey on 29-05-05 @ 16:51

No - it's my favourite deleted scene so far on any of the Dwarf DVDs. It's brilliant. I'm surprised it didn't get much reaction from the audience.

By John Hoare on 29-05-05 @ 17:34

It is brilliant. John, remind me what episode it's from so I can go and watch it again without having to scour the DVDs for it.

By Seb Patrick on 29-05-05 @ 19:13

Back To Reality.

Totally understandable why it was cut - it would have slowed down the start of the episode too much, and you couldn't cut anything else from the ep. But it makes me so glad we've got DVDs and deleted scenes...

By John Hoare on 29-05-05 @ 19:25

I didn't mean the scene was random, I meant the post. It is good, as are a lot of excised moments from series V, and it is quite possible to edit deleted moments from the DVDs into existing episodes using the right tools. In fact, it's just as possible to edit certain mo *blue midget dance* ments out if you cared to do so. Not that that sort of behaviour would be condoned by GNP.........

By performingmonkey on 30-05-05 @ 22:49

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