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The Many Deaths of Arnold Rimmer

Twelve deaths in eight series. Really not a bad record.

1-1, THE END -- killed, with the rest of the crew, by a radiation leak
1-6, ME^2 -- second Rimmer hologram erased
3-5, TIMESLIDES -- Rimmer blows himself up while celebrating his miraculous reincarnation
5-2, THE INQUISITOR -- Rimmer zapped by The Inquisitor
5-3, TERRORFORM -- In deleted scene we see Rimmer's face beneath the hoods of the slain creatures.
5-5, DEMONS AND ANGELS -- High Rimmer's light-bee is crushed by Lister
5-6, BACK TO REALITY -- Rimmer is "killed" along with the rest of the crew at the end of the video game.
6-1, PSIRENS -- Rimmer's light bee dies before the confrontation below decks.
6-6, OUT OF TIME -- Rimmer, and the rest, killed by future crew.
7-2, STOKE ME A CLIPPER -- Ace Rimmer dies, funeral services held for Arnold.
8-4, CASSANDRA -- Knot, as Rimmer, dies. Cassandra then predicts the "actual" death of Arnold.
8-8, ONLY THE GOOD... -- The smeg it is!


That's a good amount of deaths considering he actually died in the first episode! I wonder if we'd be seeing his death again in the movie? Probably seeing as they're kind of redoing The End.

By performingmonkey on 23-05-05 @ 21:34

Actually I hadn't even considered the movie...which SHOULD feature at least one Rimmer death. Nor have I delved into the books as it's been many years since I've read any of the novels...certainly there's got to be something there that can be added.

By Phil on 23-05-05 @ 22:56

Last Human. Rimmer's delapidated Light Bee flies into the centre of The Rage wind in order to destroy it and save the crew.

God, I love that book.

By Cappsy on 23-05-05 @ 23:41

Yes. I've never understood why some people don't seem to like it that much. Proof that Doug *can* write Red Dwarf, thanks very much...

By John Hoare on 24-05-05 @ 03:28

I wouldn't count Terrorform or Cassandra.

By antipodean on 26-05-05 @ 07:36

I'd count Terrorform - but not Cassandra or Psirens.

By John Hoare on 26-05-05 @ 16:34

I'd count all of the above - BUT NOT ANTIPODEAN OR JOHN

By Phil on 27-05-05 @ 00:39

Well, if you're going to start including books, you have to include 2 deaths from 'Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and 1 from 'Backwards'...

Last Human? Meh. The original hardcover blurb of that book indicates a style that is a lot more 'dwarfian' than the novel actually is. Hated all the Gelf city stuff. Hated Kochanski.

By Pete Martin on 27-05-05 @ 13:18

"Last Human? Meh. The original hardcover blurb of that book indicates a style that is a lot more 'dwarfian' than the novel actually is. Hated all the Gelf city stuff. Hated Kochanski."


By Cappsy on 27-05-05 @ 13:55


Much as I'd like to deny my Essex-boy roots (insults on this accepted), a Yank I am not.

By Pete Martin on 27-05-05 @ 17:15

Damn. That's me getting you and Phil mixed up again. I should learn to read, really, it might be a handy skill to have.

By Cappsy on 27-05-05 @ 23:00

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