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Doctor Dwarf, Part Three

CAPTAIN JACK : Do you like Glenn Miller?
RIMMER : We don't want him! Go away! You took him, you can keep the smegger!


Not to mention the healing Nano-Bots!

By Cappsy on 21-05-05 @ 22:36

DOCTOR: I don't know about Hitler, but you certainly scare the hell out of me. Let's go, Holly.
HOLLY: OK, matey.

By Ian Symes on 21-05-05 @ 22:57

>Not to mention the healing Nano-Bots!

I KNOW!!!!!

By Seb Patrick on 21-05-05 @ 23:21

One of my favourite bits from DNA, that.

By John Hoare on 22-05-05 @ 13:29

"One of my favourite bits from DNA, that."

Chris licking his lips before he delivers the line is *very* funny, for some reason.

By Cappsy on 22-05-05 @ 13:31

It's crazy how you hear something like 'Glen Miller' and immediately think of Dwarf. It only took 2 seconds and I was back to thinking of how little sense Rimmer's amplified voice across the vacuum of space makes. You can't escape the Dwarf!! Also, the freakin' nanobots. Fucking Nora, can't they come up with ANY original ideas for this new Who series............

By performingmonkey on 22-05-05 @ 21:23

Nanobots are hardly original to Red Dwarf. I remember an episode of The Outer Limits which featured them, for starters.

By Smeghead2044 on 24-05-05 @ 10:24

But monkey makes a good point - even if they've been used before, it's impossible to avoid thinking of Dwarf when you hear something similar.

And he's right about the Glen Miller thing - although it was actually my girlfriend who quoted the line when we were watching it...

By Seb Patrick on 24-05-05 @ 12:26

Just watch TEC again and spotted a whole three similarities with Mike Tucker's 7th Doctor novel 'Illegal Alien'.

Set in war time London during the German Bombing campaign.

A mystery metalic cylinder has crashed into London and the military are guarding it (In the novel it was a Cyberman transport pod)

An American helping The Doctor and Companion (In the novel the American was Private Investigator Cody McBride)

And... er... that's it. Nothing more than coincidence, but nice all the same.

By Cappsy on 24-05-05 @ 15:11

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