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I've never even *heard* about this - but it interests me because it's Fegen/Norriss. Does anyone remember it? Was it any good?


Nope, can't say it rings any bells with me, either.

By si on 21-05-05 @ 17:09

Don't have a posting account so I'm hijacking this thread.

Doctor who 2 minutes ago.....

Mauve Alert??

For smegs sake, Russell.

By Karl on 21-05-05 @ 18:32

Russell didn't write that ep - it was Steve Moffatt.

It's a pretty obvious joke anyway - I doubt it was a Dwarf reference.

By John Hoare on 21-05-05 @ 19:25

Wasn't particularly suggesting it was a dwarf reference, especially seen as it's from Mr Moffatt. I doubt any off them have to be honest. Just the fact it's the same joke!

I can't say I agree the joke is an obvious one though. Any joke could in a way be desribed as obvious once someone has come up with it. But i's not like every sci-fi comedy ever has done the same gag.

Are Blue Alerts a common thing? Only a "mauve" alert gag doesn't really work unless a blue alert is a well known thing (if it is I'm ignorant of it) Whose the alert specialist round here?

By Karl on 21-05-05 @ 19:58

Once you start doing alert jokes, it's a fairly obvious one to come up with. Especially as "mauve" is an amusing word anyway. Admittedly, alert jokes are fairly rare...

Anyway - brilliant ep.

By John Hoare on 21-05-05 @ 20:09

Could be Russell's gag though - it certainly seems more his style than Moffatt's. The writer of 'Dalek' mentioned that Russell wrote the "Dump him somewhere beginning with S" joke in that one, for instance.

By Antony Sidwell on 22-05-05 @ 19:45

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