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Series 7 High Quality

On recording Dwarf off the telly...

Mr Flibble says:
most of the tapes are now buggered up due to overuse
Mr Flibble says:
meaning I haven't seen Series 7 in high quality for years
pwaring says:
Series 7... high quality
pwaring says:
not sure how those get into the same sentence :P


You've been talking to Tom 'Pongo' Waring, the man who set the record for most goals scored in a season for Aston Villa in the 1930s? Excellent!

By Ian Symes on 15-05-05 @ 13:54

My tapes of Series 7 are pristine.


By John Hoare on 15-05-05 @ 14:43

Well, I don't even HAVE copies of VII or VIII. I did tape it when it was on but never felt the urge to buy it... OK OK, I tell a lie, I do have Xtended somewhere. And I'm bloody glad I do because otherwise I'd be foolishly looking forward to seeing the extended episodes on DVD!

By performingmonkey on 15-05-05 @ 21:39

Believe it or not, I've only ever seen the Xtended versions of "Tikka", "Ouroboros" and "Duct Soup". Here in Australia the cheapskates decided to just stick "Stoke" onto the Xtended tape, then shove the rest of the episodes onto a video creatively entitled "The Rest". And unluckily Red Dwarf became known to me in 1998, at which time ABC decided to just screen the remastered episodes over and over before selling the series' rights to UKTV.

I don't own the actual tapes: I borrowed them from the library and copied them onto VHS.

By antipodean on 20-05-05 @ 12:01

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