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series six is by a GREAT GREAT margin the WORST series of red dwarf. lets go over the facts. no holly, male or otherwise. kryten suddenly knows everything about everything without any explaination, essentially becomes the lead of the show. every joke is either a)absolute hyperbole about the character archetypes. i mean ok, we all know rimmer's a git, lister's a slob, and the cat is borderline retarded. stop hammering it into my skull with completely unclever jokes. b)another lame space corps directive joke. blah. c)extremely long and drawn out. "we're deader than [insert extremely convoluted example of some inane fashion the cat believes to be in poor taste]".

the episodes, one by one. psirens-the only part that made me laugh was the part where the guy says "no, you dont want to make love to me, you just want to suck my brain out with a straw". otherwise its populated with rehashed jokes in style a.

legion-interesting concept which they almost botched. the only thing i laughed at really was the idea of a stardrive that doesn't actually allow the ship its attached to to travel faster than light. but then, thats the final scene. snooze-ville til then.

gunmen of the apocalypse-aside from the idiotic concept, the production values almost make this episode worthwhile. the bar scene where the guys use their "powers" is nicely written and timed. other than that, not a chuckle.

emohawk-lame backwards talking jokes aside, the gelfs are retarded and just another example of how kryten suddenly knows everything there is to know about everything, something holly never seemed to master. its just a convoluted excuse to bring ace rimmer and dwayne dibbley back. too bad this time around they aren't funny.

rimmerworld-lame lame lame lame lame. the idea of a hologram having a heart attack is absurd (in a bad way) to make me want to kill myself. not a laugh in sight.

out of time-ok, now maybe its just because i've just recently FINALLY seen it and the novelty hasn't worn off, but this one's ok in my book.

overall the production values were all blown on gunmen and none is seen elsewhere, the jokes are stale, poorly acted and even more poorly timed. it all comes down to taste i suppose, but in series six the characters became such caricatures of themselves they couldn't be related to in any way, and the laughes are all canned. the only other series close to being as lame as series six is series 8, but i can appreciate series 7 and 8 because thats what rob and doug had envisioned and would have created from the get-go if it weren't for obvious budgetary constraints.

i furthermore surprises me that you'd like series six the best, since it by far has the dumbest most pedestrian humour, and you've gone to great lengths in many posts to mention what an utter genius you are and how much you loathe stupidity.

I honestly don't know where to start on this one. Help me out?


Hidden away in that brainless mess are some good points. Well, I kinda agree with him about the running jokes and I see where he's coming from with his remarks about Emohawk. And that's about it. I find his comment about character jokes bizarre; that's the highlight of Dwarf for me.

The music the blogger is after, if anyone can be bothered to sign up and post, is Samuel Barber's over-used "Adagio for Strings." But of course, we already knew that.

By Pete Martin on 11-05-05 @ 12:32

Yeah, that had been posted elsewhere in comments to the post (it's only that thread that's displayed by that link), by my ex-girlfriend, who works in music publishing rights and has access to a database of pretty much every piece of music and where it's ever been used, ever.

By Seb on 11-05-05 @ 12:57

Agree with pete. Some of the complaints he makes are valid. The problem is he doesn't seem to have the capacity to argue them (well not unless you count repeating the word "retarded" over and over). The other problem is that alongside some vaguely decent points he then comes out with the most ridiculous bullshit without any evidence what so ever.

Why is a hologram having a heart-attack ridiculous?

What is so ridiculous about the concept of Gunmen? (Especially given past ideas such as pyschopathic curried man)

Just a guess but is the poster in his mid-late teens and american?

By Karl on 11-05-05 @ 15:57

I still love the running jokes in VI. But then, I like that kind of thing - I love the comedy of repetition.

By John Hoare on 11-05-05 @ 16:35

Good Lord.

"overall the production values were all blown on gunmen"

Aside from all his abysmally made points (the use of the word retarded really made me wince - this guy seems to have a very pathetic playground mentality), he also doesn't seem to quite know what production value means.

By Cappsy on 11-05-05 @ 16:48

The only thing I liked about that post was the little potshot he took at you, Seb, just at the end. That made me laugh.

It was as though he realized his episode summaries were worthless and just figured he'd bother you some other way.

By Phil on 11-05-05 @ 17:04

>Just a guess but is the poster in his mid-late teens and american?

Yes. However did you guess?

I don't deny that he's entitled to his opinion that Series VI isn't the best, and he does make a couple of points that, while I don't agree with them, can be taken as valid criticism. But the whole rant is just so completely ill-informed (if Rob and Doug "envisioned" a badly-made CGI dinosaur rampaging through the cargo decks when they first came up with the series, then I'm Chloe fucking Annett) and badly phrased, with un-backed-up points that are simply thrown in to support a general "OMFG SERIES SIX IS GHEY AND REFARTED" attitude, that it loses all substance and credibility.

By Seb on 11-05-05 @ 20:08

vii suks donky cox

By John Hoare on 11-05-05 @ 20:12

Well, saves me making the points. I think some of the eps are better than he does though.

By Mr Flibble on 11-05-05 @ 21:18

*waves his dirty cock in Flibble's face*

By John Hoare on 11-05-05 @ 21:27

"vii suks donky cox"

Brian Cox, specifically.

Well, actually, no, as I remember he did a decent job in a bit of a useless role.

By Austin Ross on 11-05-05 @ 22:10

Series VI.......what hasn't been said. Not much actually. For me, it's disappointing (sorry, I'm gonna go up my own arse for a while) because while each series from I-V made steps forward, series VI was the first to take a step back. For some bizarre reason it became a bit of a generic sitcom with a side helping of pandering to fans. It's probably the show's increased popularity that made VI what it is. I don't hate the series, although if it wasn't for VII & VIII it'd probably be my least favourite.

Gunmen is the big plus point of the series. It fulfils sitcom writer dreams with the structure, beginning, middle and the end payoff. It's probably the best end to a Dwarf episode. Frankly, I think Psirens is poor and Legion is shit. Granted, Psirens is supposed to sort of relaunch the show, which is partly why half of it is just repeating things already setup, but it's also where I started to hate Kryten's gags. Legion is an example of when a good idea goes to shit. I don't know, if Legion's costume didn't look so fucking stupid I might like the ep more. But it's one of my least favourites of all time, even though there's some good Starbug model shots. Oh.....stop blathering on like a piece of sputum.....

By performingmonkey on 11-05-05 @ 23:29

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