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Pete: Part THREE

He's back, a-and he's terrorizing Ganymede & Titan! See you in ten minutes?!?!?


N-Now we... rebuild the timewand. It's absolutely priceless!

By John Hoare on 11-05-05 @ 21:07

Incidentally, is there a more terrifying concept in the world than "Pete: Part Three"?

By John Hoare on 11-05-05 @ 21:07

How 'bout 'Back In The Red: Part Four'? I can just imagine it, the entire episode a 30 minute flashback then it ends.

By performingmonkey on 11-05-05 @ 22:59

>is there a more terrifying concept in the world than "Pete: Part Three"?

The Red Dwarf movie being subtitled Pete?

By Phil on 12-05-05 @ 04:02

Emohawk - Polymorph Three?

By Mr Flibble on 12-05-05 @ 11:51

I really do find ten times more to enjoy in Emohawk than in any episode in the last two series. And I'm not just saying that as a lazy slagging off of VII/VIII.

Although Emohawk - Polymorph Eighteen could get rather tiresome...

By John Hoare on 12-05-05 @ 17:18

Back in the Pete - Polymorph Benedict XVI

By Austin Ross on 12-05-05 @ 19:50

Epideme II : The Whole Gang's Here!
Beyonder A Joke
Catty TV

By Seb on 12-05-05 @ 23:47

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