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Red Dwarf V and VI are released TOMORROW.

Those of you who already have these particular DVDs can go sit in the corner while I celebrate.


While you, cele-brate, Austin, I'll MASTER-brate.

Masturbate. I'll touch my penis in self-pleasuring ways. Masturbate. For the...DVDs.

You know.

By Phil on 14-03-05 @ 14:56

I think you'll find they were both released months ago.

By Ian Symes on 14-03-05 @ 15:03

They've just shipped.

I've got goosebumps.

By Austin Ross on 15-03-05 @ 02:42

I'm watching V right now...and it's mastur-GREAT!

By Phil on 16-03-05 @ 16:17

I'm not, thanks to the shabby state of today's United States Postal Service.

By Austin Ross on 16-03-05 @ 17:23

Believe me, such ineptitude is not restricted to the States.

By Pete Martin on 17-03-05 @ 16:28

They've just come.

And so have I.

By Austin Ross on 17-03-05 @ 20:35

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