Observation Dome

That's a wrap!

Back row: Ian Symes, John Hoare, Seb Patrick Front row: Mr Flibble, Tanya Jones, Mr Flibble, Cappsy




By Austin Ross on 13-03-05 @ 18:45

Looking good guys. I'm lookin forward to seeing this!

By DayZ on 13-03-05 @ 23:29

I look like a MENTALIST.

By Cappsy on 14-03-05 @ 00:02

I look like I've just run into a picture and sat down and composed myself as quickly as possible.

By Mr Flibble on 14-03-05 @ 01:33

I also love the fact Seb's still in costume...

By Mr Flibble on 14-03-05 @ 01:34

Ooops, looks like i posted my comment about the picture in the wrong place. Silly me :p

By beck on 14-03-05 @ 10:14

Looking forward to seeing the film!

(Good grief, Ian looks like he has the same hair cut as me. :) )

By Leelu on 15-03-05 @ 01:29

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