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"Whereas US sci-fi shows with their bigger budgets have crossed overseas quite successfully, the reverse isn't true it seems with shows like "Doctor Who", "Red Dwarf" and "Blake's 7" being cult international mega-hits that never really took off in the US despite earning loyal followings. Even with better writing than many rival US sci-fi shows, the production values with rickety sets and limited and somewhat hokey effects make them hard to digest for certain audiences."

NO... JU... SIGH.


I still don't get the obsession with slagging Dwarf's effects. It's pretty insulting to Wragg and crew considering they worked their balls off. Many people fail to grasp that Dwarf IS a BBC sitcom from the 80s/90s and not some fucking multi-million dollar series (and thank god it is, or else it would have been shit). And, as has been demonstrated time and fuckin time again (not least by the last two Star Wars episodes), millions and the best effects in the world can't disguise the fact that everything else -everything that matters- is shit. Dwarf is a great example of quality over quantity (series 1-6). I'd rather take 1 series of Dwarf than 24 fucking episodes of a shit American show. Most American shows need slick production values to divert attention away from the shit writing.

There's loads more arguments but I can't be arsed anymore. Besides, the effects and sets AREN'T rickety!! Well, maybe in series 1 & 2 but for fuck's sake, how does that stop the stories and gags being great?

By performingmonkey on 05-03-05 @ 02:20

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