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Happy birthday!



By Cappsy on 22-06-05 @ 12:27

Happy birthday ya smelly arsed smegger.

By Phil on 22-06-05 @ 16:23

Well done!

By John Hoare on 22-06-05 @ 16:54

Happy birthday, Cappsy!

By Austin Ross on 22-06-05 @ 17:58

'Appy Birfdee, Cock.

By Spid on 22-06-05 @ 18:59


By Smeghead2044 on 22-06-05 @ 19:43

Erm, I'm a day late now...

Happy Birthday Cappsy! For next year - I'm early!

By Mr Flibble on 23-06-05 @ 01:12

Happy Birthday, whoever you are! Can I have a drink on you? No? Well, I'm having one anyway!!!

By Thomas on 23-06-05 @ 12:21

Use a table; they're much better.

By Ian Symes on 23-06-05 @ 13:51

>Use a table; they're much better.

I find a glass much more useful.

By Spid on 23-06-05 @ 14:06

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