Observation Dome

I'm on my fourth glass of Baliey's...

...with probably more to come.

Does anyone want to predict how sensible my Newsround will be later on?


About as sensible as a....

nah, sorry, can't do it, don't have my Blackadder Simile head on...

By Seb Patrick on 18-06-05 @ 23:26

I challenge you to mention the word cunt in every other sentance.

By Spid on 19-06-05 @ 00:06

... which would actually be a decrease in usage, right? ;-)

By Seb Patrick on 19-06-05 @ 00:09

It'll probably be more sensible, seeing as the odd glass of Baliey's can strengthen the synapses.

By Austin Ross on 19-06-05 @ 00:13

"I challenge you to mention the word cunt in every other sentance"

No, it should be [i]every[/i] sentence like normally.

By performingmonkeyass on 19-06-05 @ 04:39

I had five glasses, and then fell asleep.

I wasn't sick everywhere either, so that was a waste.

By John Hoare on 19-06-05 @ 09:34

Well, I've just finished the bottle off. I only got 6 glasses out of it, although they are slightly large one.

I'm sure an entire bottle is supposed to last one person more than 18 hours, though.

By John Hoare on 19-06-05 @ 15:06

Christ. I'm quite impressed that you weren't sick, actually. You must be getting better with the booze in your old age.

By Tanya Jones on 21-06-05 @ 06:36

I didn't even feel ill!

Maybe I can cope with Bailey's better. Two pints of Strongbow and I'm in trouble...

By John Hoare on 21-06-05 @ 16:46

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