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With 130,000 and 110,000 sales respectively, Red Dwarf series IV and V were the third and fourth top selling DVDs for BBC Worldwide last year.

Yet none of the articles that I've found on the story - which all focus on Little Britain's runaway position at the top with 1.3m sales ahead of the Office Christmas Special's 220,000 - actually mention Dwarf by name in the text.

So the news kind of suggests that there really should be a market out there for a movie, and that people should be funding it pretty quickly; on the other hand, the telling of the news kind of suggests that the media don't seem to give a shit about Dwarf any more. Thoughts?


You've hit it on the head, I think. I've been meaning to do something on this for ages, but, erm, forgot.

Even the *SF* press don't seem that interested in Dwarf anymore - not much reported on the Movie (nothing on Doug's DJ speech), no Dwarf merchandise reviewed (nothing on the Corgi models, or the Playset). And yet there's a huge, huge audience out there. It's bizzare.

As for the mainstream media... like you say, they're too busy fawning over Little Britain and The Office. Which isn't to say I don't think LB isn't a great show (can't be arsed with The Office myself - not my kind of thing at all), but it's a bit pathetic the way that they're THE ONLY TWO COMEDY SHOWS EVER EVER EVER. Oh, apart from Fawlty Towers and OFAH.

There is a huge market for the Movie. There *is*. I just think investors don't realise it. Exactly the same small-mindedness that made Dwarf so difficult to commission in the first place...

By John Hoare on 15-06-05 @ 17:02

Maybe they'd have more chance of getting the Movie made if they cast Hugh Grant as Lister, Patrick Stew-art for Holly, John Hurt, Ew-an McGreegor...

By Ian Symes on 15-06-05 @ 17:14

Don't forget J-Lo for Ko-chanski.

By Cappsy on 15-06-05 @ 17:44

And Snoop Dawg for Cat.

Might have a bit of a problem with the name, there...

By Seb Patrick on 15-06-05 @ 18:15


By Ian Symes on 15-06-05 @ 18:15


By Mr Flibble on 15-06-05 @ 19:39

"can't be arsed with The Office myself - not my kind of thing at all"

I pity you. The first episode of the American version was on the other day. I can't believe how similar to the Gervais/Merchant version they've made it. The actual office is almost the same set as well! The first episode was based off Gervais and Merchant's script so that's probably why it was still funny, even though it was freaky hearing lines I know so well coming out of Yank mouths. The Dwarf USA pilot is similar in this way.

Anyway, if you're wondering why magazines and the 'mainstream media' don't give a fuck about Dwarf it's because there hasn't been a series for over 6 years, and that series wasn't special to say the least. The Little Britain hype will die out, but only when something that's supposedly the 'new' Little Britain comes along. Everything's got to be the 'new' something. Like every band has to be the 'new' Franz Ferdinand or 'new' Coldplay(don't like their new album much) and the upcoming sci-fi comedy is the 'new' Red Dwarf.

This is probably why we're going to get a new Doctor every year, 'cause no-one's used to things lasting for longer than two minutes (incidentally, that was a slightly sarcastic comment. I think we can be sure David Tennant will be the Doctor for longer than one series). FUCK, I sound like an old man!!!

By performingmonkass on 15-06-05 @ 20:24

monkass, the US Office gets a LOT better. I liked the first episode, but mainly for the cast, and even then they just weren't as good as the originals.

But from episode 2 onwards, the material's almost entirely original (although some of the plot threads carry over) and it really gets a chance to shine. I actually think it's one of the best sitcoms to come out of the States in years, and I can't wait for the second series.

By Seb Patrick on 15-06-05 @ 21:10

I can at least understand why the mainstream media aren't interested. I don't understand why the SF press aren't, though...

> I pity you.

It's really because The Office isn't my kind of thing, rather than I think it's crap. It's a bit *too* naturalistic for my tastes. I like my comedy a lot stupider.

I don't understand why everyone's gone *so* mad over it, but that's a seperate point.

By John Hoare on 16-06-05 @ 03:36

I'll tell you what though - with those sales figures, no wonder the BBC wants to release Dwarf on CD...

By John Hoare on 16-06-05 @ 06:07

Yes. While I think The Office is great, it is sometimes hard to get why everyone went so mental over it. Actually, I think I know why. It's because there's been fuck all decent comedies in recent years and the BBC needed to grasp a hit with two hands and shake it like crazy to create a hype-machine. The same goes for Little Britain.

I'm fucking sick of Little Britain, and the problem is that I know I wouldn't be sick of it if the BBC hadn't decided to ram it down everyone's throats (also, it might have helped if Lucas and Walliams hadn't made the second series just a rehash of the same jokes with some new shit ones like the large 'Bubbles' woman thrown in.). Don't get me wrong, I really liked the series one when it first aired (what an American word...) and I was glad that Lucas and Walliams had been given the chance to make a worthy series. But now I'm dreading what depths the 3rd series might go to. We'll see.

By performingmonkass on 16-06-05 @ 20:21

Got to say I agree with most of what you say about Little Britain. That's why I prefer to take comfort in the radio series instead.

By Seb Patrick on 16-06-05 @ 20:49

I can't believe the massive, massive gulf in quality between Rock Profiles and Little Britain. The former is the true masterpiece.

By Ian Symes on 16-06-05 @ 20:51

Everybody all right for nibbles?

By Howard Donald on 16-06-05 @ 22:04

You have made me a very ill man, Robbie Walliams, I am on medication!

By Gary Barlow on 16-06-05 @ 22:55

Now, when I was recording the multi-million selling album "Gracelands" with Ladysmith Black Mambazo...

By Paul Simon on 16-06-05 @ 23:15

Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.....

By Art Garfunkle on 16-06-05 @ 23:15

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By Steps on 16-06-05 @ 23:21

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