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Llewellyn's writing a new book, then

Hidden on the guestbook on Rob's site (STUPIDLY DESIGNED WEBSITE NO DEEP-LINKING FUCK), amongst the idiot people posting in all capitals or pretending to be Danny Elfman, is the following snippet from KRYTON himself:

"I am not only planning on writing ore books soon, I am in the process of writing one. It has taken a long time but I now know I am finally on the way. It will still be some time before it is published, but I'm very pleased with it so far."

So, there you go. Shamefully, I've never read any of his books, but I've got a copy of The Reconstructed Heart here, so I should give it a go...


I have Brother Nature, The Man in the Rubber Mask and Thin He Was, And Filthy Haired but I've only read the latter two.

By Cappsy on 13-06-05 @ 00:56

Oh, I've read TMITRM. I am a twat. I was thinking of his fiction stuff.

By John Hoare on 13-06-05 @ 01:05

I've read Thin He Was, Rubber Mask, The Man on Platform Five (which is excellent) and Punchbag. I've got Sudden Wealth, but I've never got past about five chapters of it; it's terribly difficult to get into.

John, if you'd like to lend me Reconstructed Heart at any point, feel free...

By Ian Symes on 13-06-05 @ 02:05

I'll lend it you when we meet in Birmingham in a couple of weeks for TOP SECRET G&T PROJECT.

By John Hoare on 13-06-05 @ 05:10

Yeah, the only one I've read is Sudden Wealth, and I've never got more than half way through without struggling. But his Scrapheap book was very readable, so maybe I just need to pick another one.

By Mr Flibble on 13-06-05 @ 09:04

"Thin he was..." is fantastic. I was underwhelmed with TMITRM. Obviously it gave us access to previously hidden information ("yeah...yeah...no... yeah") but it lacks direction and gets kinda repetitive. Only the stuff on the US Dwarf has a real sense of purpose. And then it ends...REALLY abruptly.

By Pete Martin on 13-06-05 @ 09:38

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