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Wrinkles needs YOU

A recent Radio 4 show called Absent Friends (presented by none other than everyone's favourite talking suitcase, Tony Hawks) featured some brief clips from the mysterious early 80s Grant Naylor radio sit-com Wrinkles. There's more information on this addition of Absent Friends in my hole.

So, jumping to conclusions as always, I reckon the BBC must have at least some of their old copies of the show. Let's see if we can get them repeated, shall we? If you'd like to pester BBC7 into giving us a repeat then just email them with your request here. If enough of us annoy them, then they're to give in eventually just to SHUT US THE HELL UP.

Also, for those of you interested, here's the clip in question:

BBC Radio 4 - Absent Friends - Wrinkles - TX: 31/05/2005


Excuse the broken links for the moment...

By Cappsy on 03-06-05 @ 17:08

I hope you've all emailed BBC7 with requests from at least 4 different email accounts, you bastards.

By Cappsy on 04-06-05 @ 01:48

After hearing that clip, I mailed BBC7 STRAIGHT AWAY. It's great!

By John Hoare on 04-06-05 @ 05:38

Just emailed. From all three of my accounts. :)

By si on 04-06-05 @ 14:16

You wonderful people. Let's keep our fingers crossed, then!

Did anyone else feel like Wrinkles had a very odd feel to it? I mean, it certainly didn't feel like a Grant Naylor show at all (although, to be fair, we've only heard one scene) but it felt VERY old school to me.

Interesting to hear that Grant Naylor sent in a script which was rejected my Mike Craig and replaced with his idea for the old people's home, though. I wonder where that script is now...

By Cappsy on 05-06-05 @ 17:43

Lying at the bottom of Rob Grant's dirty sock basket.

And yes, agreed, it was very old school. I really, really need to hear it.

By John Hoare on 05-06-05 @ 23:01

It's Tony Hawks!

Hmm, interesting...

By Mr Flibble on 06-06-05 @ 05:09

Hi! I scripted and did some of the research for Absent Friends. The bad news is that BBC archives don't appear to have any episodes of Wrinkles. The extracts we played came from producer Mike Craig's own personal collection. I used to be a regular listener to Wrinkles - it's certainly a bit of a radio curiosity. If BBC7 rerun any Grant Naylor radio shows, let's hope it's Son of Cliche - which I remember as being very funny.

By Alan Stafford on 06-06-05 @ 11:35

No Wrinkles episodes in the archives? That's pretty damn tragic.

I agree that Cliché and Son of Cliché are top notch, though. The problem is that anyone who's anyone already has most or all of those episodes saved up from various repeats on BBC7. I suppose my only hope are people will off-airs, now... fingers crossed.

Still, thanks for letting us know Alan.

By Cappsy on 06-06-05 @ 12:10

Perhaps producer Mike Craig would be kind enough to loan his copies to the BBC if enough people wanted to hear it...?

By Phil on 06-06-05 @ 16:14

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