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Fuchal In "New Content" Shock!

In response to this, comes this.

Yes, Fuchal finally has some new content, in the shape of a brand spanking new article titled Yeah, They're Called "Dreams". Due to the comments system on Blogger being utter shite, feel free to leave your comments on what you think of it on this post.


Excellent - my vicious satire has spurred you into action. Will read immediately...

By IanIanSymes [TypeKey Profile Page] on 31-07-05 @ 17:17

And it's great stuff! Your section on the common ground between Lister and Rimmer's BTL fantasies is excellent.

I'd argue that Rimmer has a couple more dreams than you listed - and also that they've all been fulfilled:

* He wanted to become an officer, which he did in Holoship. He was also given an honourary officerhood in Stoke.

* He wanted a new body, which he got in Legion.

* He wanted "to love and to have been loved", which he got with Nirvana in Holoship.

* He wanted to meet aliens. Well, he didn't technically do this, but he met plenty of man-made 'aliens'.

There was another point that occured while I was reading the article, but I've forgotten it now. Bah.

By IanIanSymes [TypeKey Profile Page] on 31-07-05 @ 17:36

Yes, Lister's dream is shown at the beginning of BTL, with him living in the idyllic town of Bedford Falls with Kochanski and his sons Jim and Bexley. I really like the idea of Lister's ultimate fantasy just being a simple life like that, which contrasts to Rimmer's.

I think the only way Dwarf could properly end would be for Lister to have that simple life on Earth. In bringing Kochanski back, Doug must have had an idea that he was going to do it sometime in the series. I'm glad Earth didn't happen in VIII because it probably would have turned out shit. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like the series to be wrapped up properly, whether it be in special form or another 2 series. I'd hate it if TV Dwarf was left in it's current limbo.

By performingmonkey on 31-07-05 @ 20:32

Can't they bring Rob Grant back and pretend the last two series were a bad dream?

On another note, has anyone ever wished that BTL was a real game? No? Just me then...

By Smeghead2044 on 31-07-05 @ 21:15

> Can't they bring Rob Grant back and pretend the last two series were a bad dream?

> On another note, has anyone ever wished that BTL was a real game?

No and no.

By antipodean on 01-08-05 @ 01:58

I've done the wishing BTL was real thing. And then imagined what would happen.

It was sick and degrading.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 01-08-05 @ 01:59

No surprises there then...

By Tanya Jones on 01-08-05 @ 08:30

You need help, John.

By Spid on 01-08-05 @ 12:17

I enjoyed that article Seb. Well done :)

By Mr Flibble on 02-08-05 @ 00:13

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