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Spenshire Limited

An odd one, this. Having been reminded of this site through a non-Dwarf related matter, I thought I'd have a nose around about GNP. (Type in Grant Naylor Productions and then follow the highlighted link; the website is very badly designed, so I can't give a direct link.) And it reminded me of something I mentioned a while ago - the company was originally formed on the 8th February 1990 under the name Spenshire Limited - and was only renamed Grant Naylor Productions Limited three months later on the 1st May.

I wonder why? Did they originally come up with the name of Spenshire and then change it to the (far better) Grant Naylor Productions? Or was it a holding name of some kind?

Admittedly, there are more important things to wonder about in this world. But this is the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night, sadly.


I'm trying to figure out what 'Spenshire' means, or what relevance it would have to GNP/Dwarf.

By Ian Symes on 14-07-05 @ 20:08

A lot of companies are bought "off the shelf" with a name already, and then all you have to do is rename it what you like. Whether or not this is the case would probably involve a lot of digging, or hoping that someone from GNP spots this and knows off the top of their head.

So it could just be that whoever set up GNP bought an existing company, and used it for what they wanted.

I'm sure this way of working has a purpose, although I don't really know what.

By Mr Flibble on 14-07-05 @ 20:11

But if Spenshire was an established company that Rob and Doug took over, surely it would show up on that database as being older than that?

By Ian Symes on 14-07-05 @ 20:17

It was by no means an established company, just one that had been set up before hand.

See ITV Digital Channels Limited, started life as Burginhall 857 Limited, and ITV Digital Holdings Limited, starting as Heraldbay Limited. Also, ITV4 Limited, starting as one of the many CarltonCo's, CarltonCo 121 Limited.

I don't think any of the original companies did anything, they'd just been set up ready to do something.

By Mr Flibble on 14-07-05 @ 20:19

I imagine it cuts down on the paperwork normally required to start a business, which can be fairly substantial. It's probably a lot easier to change the name of an existing company than it is to start one, register with Companies House, create Articles of Association and whatever stuff there is surrounding it. I could have told you at one time but my business studies knowledge has become somewhat rusty over the years. :)

By Paul on 14-07-05 @ 20:35

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