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So, the Stuff section launches, with... the Diary. Not much on it at the moment, but unlike a year or so ago, there's not much planned that's been publically announced yet. On the other hand, anything that might stop a few idiots asking WHEN TEH NEXT DWARF DVDS OUT I WANT THEHM TAKEING AAGES NEED WDARD, despite the release schedule of the last "cunting" six being pretty close to clockwork, will be handy. Let us know if we've missed something; we almost certainly have.

And yes, the Diary used to be part of G&T. But it kept getting out-of-date, so hopefully with more of us running this site, it might actually get updated for a change. And don't worry - after DJ, G&T will be bouncing back with lots of brand new articles. In fact, that might even happen during DJ...


I'll never get over that release delay for 'Fat'. He probably hasn't even written it yet.

By performingmonkey on 12-07-05 @ 00:27

I don't think you'll be using that blue key colour that often...

By performingmonkey on 12-07-05 @ 00:28

Looks nice, useful resource for when Dwarf stuff is coming out (although I know about the DVDs anyway, and there's only two left unless I've missed something). You might want to add a line at the top saying that release dates are provisional but othe than that good work.

By Paul on 12-07-05 @ 09:44

Added. Ta. The disclaimer is on the old G&T Diary, so I don't know why I forgot it on this one...

By John Hoare on 12-07-05 @ 16:59

Just a quickie, can anyone point me in the right direction of a complete list of Dwarf books?..
I'm sure Whithole used to have a list, but I can't find it. Thanks.

By Cpt-D on 16-07-05 @ 12:09

Here you go.

By John Hoare on 16-07-05 @ 13:01

Thanks John, That's the one..I still seem to be missing
a few, although Cappsy's list seems to miss a couple off as well.

By Cpt-D on 16-07-05 @ 22:42

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