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Starbug Playset sound problems

Okay, so... has anybody got a Starbug playset that actually works? Over here we've been discussing the problems we've all been having with the sound chips in ours (namely that the sound is ridiculously slow - as Rimmer would put it, "like having a conversation with Paul Robeson on dope"), so I thought I'd mosey on over to the webboard (not something I'd normally do, but desperate times and all that) and see if there was any mention of any problems there.

And it's rather more disturbing than I'd imagined. In this thread, one disgruntled customer shows us his email to Product Enterprise describing the problem and requesting a refund/exchange, and their response. The response doesn't make particularly encouraging reading :


The sound is exactly the same on all Starbugs.



So, Product Enterprise are aware that there's a fault. And they've knowingly put out a faulty product, and they seem willing to do absolutely fuck all about it. I'm very, very, very disappointed.

My fanclub membership hasn't come through yet, so I'm not on the BTL boards yet. Can someone else see if anyone on there has had any joy? And is there any chance of getting Mister Ellard to investigate?

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