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Really really bad jokes that you think are hilarious anyway - II

LISTER: Roughly translated... Hit the reheat.
CAT: You don't have to tell me twice.
LISTER: Cat man, hit the reheat!
CAT: Oh sorry, bud. Looks like you do have to tell me twice.


I hate that joke.

By Austin Ross on 23-02-05 @ 03:44

You don't have to tell me twice.

By Phil on 23-02-05 @ 05:29

It really used to jar with me. Like the bit in Dimension Jump that I previously posted, I used to think it was just really clunky and rubbish.

But I love it now. Maybe I just like stupid things too much these days.

By John Hoare on 23-02-05 @ 07:05

Or maybe it's because *you're* stupid.


By Austin Ross on 23-02-05 @ 17:24

Any of the jokes where Kryten says 'a great idea sir with just two minor drawbacks' are a fairly lame idea, but they still make me piss myself (not literally, that WOULD be worrying...), especially the 'robbie rocketpants' one.

Also, in DJ when Rimmer lists the things the rest of the crew don't like, it's a fairly crap joke but I just get this image in my head of Kryten trying to morris dance and it makes it ten times funnier. I am strange...

By performingmonkey on 24-02-05 @ 05:33

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