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Dwarfy Dreaming

It's starting to worry me now. Every few months or so I will have the most vivd of dreams about one of the following:

As you can probably tell, the come-down from dreams like that is akin to the downer you get after eating many, many drugs. So, does anyone else get pointlessly optimistic Dwarf dreams like this or is it just my diseased brain?


A while back I dreamt there was a new series, only it aired at midnight and was a ten minute animation (adult style, none of yer crudely drawn cartoon-ness) set before the accident.

Still, there's an idea for GNP at this rate.

By McGruder on 10-02-05 @ 13:01

Not so much Dwarf-related, although every few months I'll have an extremely vivid dream where I become a very famous and rich author and then I wake up and I struggle out of bed, bleary-eyed, to find the nearest pair of scissors with which I will attempt to slowly separate my head from my neck.

Although I once had a dream where I was Kryten on a mission to pick up three heads of lettuce at the grocery store. Waking up was more a relief, though.

By Austin Ross on 10-02-05 @ 13:55

I occasionally drift off into a semi-conscious state and imagine what the world would be like if there was no Series VIII (it's easy if you try).

You gotta dream a dream.

By Pete Martin on 10-02-05 @ 15:11

> I occasionally drift off into a semi-conscious state and imagine what the world would be like if there was no Series VIII (it's easy if you try).

No dancing Midgets below us,
Above us, no shit dinosaurs.

By Ian Symes on 10-02-05 @ 15:33

A while before series 8 came out, I had a dream that my mum was a taxi driver and her customers were the Red Dwarf cast. Craig Charles had the scripts for the new series and also the episodes themselves on tape which he let me watch on a portable TV set he had with him.

The clip I saw was of Lister and Kochanski back on Earth and on a train. Doesn't sound very exciting, I know, but I was really excited about it at the time!

By Smeghead2044 on 12-02-05 @ 12:09

The train was delayed by three million years. That's about average for Virgin Trains!!!!!!!!!111111111 (satires)

By Ian Symes on 13-02-05 @ 17:09

They don't usually cancel spaceship and make you go on another one though :)

By Mr Flibble on 13-02-05 @ 18:18

I did have a small Dwarfy dream right after I bought the Trey Anastasio live album Plasma. It featured Kryten dancing to the opening notes of "Curlew's Call." It was my least erotic dream yet.

But--and I can't believe I forgot this--I had a really depressing dream in which Colin from The Brittas Empire was actually my coworker. I forget why it was depressing exactly. Oh, I remember. He died in a car accident.

What was the point of this post again?

By Phil on 14-02-05 @ 03:26

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