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I screwed up

From Ellard on the TOS Webboard:

"On 30/01/2005 01:24:22, Mellissa Maple-Syrup wrote:
>Just reading IMDB where is
>says that Doug played an
>uncredited role in Krytie TV
>in series 8. Is this right? If
>so how did this piece of
>trivia escape my attention?

It's nonsense, Doug refuses to appear on-screen
other than as himself in interviews - though I believe
one or both of his sons showed up in that episode as
part of the 'Invisible Aliens' B-movie."

I remember reading that Doug cameoed in the B-movie - and believed it. I think I've even repeated it on G&T, which just goes to show how easy it is for misinformation to spread (and why I should probably stop doing posts like this). Interesting about the sons, though.

But, the question is: where did I pick up this piece of trivia? Seeing as I unconditionally believed it, it must have come from a usually reputable source - I don't believe any old tat on the internet. Where is it from?


I have no idea.

Should have thought a bit harder about that post, really, etc.

By Austin Ross on 04-02-05 @ 17:27

Wasn't it from a pic in the VIII scriptbook that looks exactly like Doug?

By Ian Symes on 04-02-05 @ 18:38

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