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Brand New Limited Edition Coffee Mug!

Or: grabbing some TOS desktop backgrounds, sticking them on a shitty mug, and trying to make a fast buck. For shame, cunt. I wouldn't mind, but it looks bloody awful...


Oh, it doesn't look that bad.

But it must be illegal. That's the Dwarf logo there. Get em Andrew.

By Phil Reed on 19-12-05 @ 11:25

I like the big 'Mugged' logo. Must be how all those copyright holders feel.

By Ian Symes on 19-12-05 @ 12:26

It'd look better if the mug was black, so you didn't just get an awkward white border round the logo.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 19-12-05 @ 17:42

If non-profit websites can be got at for copyright infringement, then surely the people trying to make money off copyright infringement can surely get strung up by the balls....

... right?

By Seb Patrick [TypeKey Profile Page] on 19-12-05 @ 17:45

Or, at the very least, have their eBay account suspended.

By Ian Symes on 19-12-05 @ 19:03

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