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What's that? / It's a homing device...

Grab from Backwards, with Lister holding a homing device

...or a talcum powder bottle. Take your pick.


Leave them alone, John. The charm of Red Dwarf has always been the wobbly sets.

By Phil Reed on 15-12-05 @ 11:17

"wobbly sets"

I'm sorry, but if anyone else uses that term to describe ANYTHING to do with Dwarf..... I realise that you could be taking the piss but...it still infuriates me! In my view, it's the GREATNESS of the sets on a stupid BBC sitcom budget that is part of the 'charm' of the series. I find that I am still impressed by the grey sets of series 1, and the grey-with-some-coloured-tapes-and-a-banana-thrown-in sets of series 2.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 16-12-05 @ 00:41

Shame for taking me seriously, Performing Monkey...you should know me much better than that by now.

By Phil Reed on 16-12-05 @ 02:38

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