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Message from Peter Tyler!

Peter Tyler, who is possibly the loveliest man in existance, has just sent me the following e-mail, to pass on to all DJ attendees:

Hi there,

It was great to finally meet you at DJ XII.

Please say a BIG THANK YOU on your web site to all the fans who made us so welcome.

You're all a great bunch of people!

I really hope I can do another convention as we still have many more stories to tell and some unseen (not even on DVD extras) super 8 film of us shooting on Red Dwarf series 5!

I had a very long conversation over dinner with Chris Barrie about old cars and aircraft, it seems we're both anoraks in those subjects! Where else would I be able to chat like that with someone of his fame and status?!! What's more he's a really great bloke - what a guy!

Once again, many thanks to you all for making the event so enjoyable for us.

Sincere best wishes,

Peter Tyler.

Hurrah! I think we can all agree that it'd be great to have the visual effects guys back next year. Even if Peter is a Man U fan...


Indeed - they're lovely guys, even if I didn't have much chance to have a chat this year.

Just a pity their set was cut so short.

By Mr Flibble on 30-08-05 @ 14:14

Aww, bless! We must make sure they come back next year, because they were ace :)

By Pip on 30-08-05 @ 17:58

What a great bloke!

By Matt on 30-08-05 @ 18:28

Awesome! :D

By mick_aka on 30-08-05 @ 23:32

Yeah they needed more than 45 minutes considering there were 4 of them. Nice of him to take the time to send the email.

By Mike [TypeKey Profile Page] on 31-08-05 @ 22:48

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