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Getting to the Bottom of Chloe Annett

No, not that bottom; a bit further down. Further.


Further still.

Yes, it's a shrine to Chloë Annett's feet.


Not that I particularly expect this to appeal to anybody here, but it's the only "interesting" thing about the show I managed to find during a completely empty workday. Red Dwarf takes all kinds, I guess.


My work firewall objects to that link on the grounds of nudity, sadly. My ex was a foot fetishist: he particularly liked my long toes. And what the hell is up with your umlaut e's?

By Tanya Jones on 05-08-05 @ 11:03

I don't know how to make umlaut e's! So I googled her name without it, and did a simple copy and paste when one came up. Are they screwed up? I see one is missing, but the other is there.

That's alright. It makes it look like I know her. I call her Chlo. She calls me stallion.

By Phil Reed on 05-08-05 @ 14:31

That's odd, they're there now. They were showing as a Japanese character before...

By Tanya Jones on 05-08-05 @ 15:23

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