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Over-quoted bits of Dwarf

I hate to get snooty about this. As much as anything else... erm, see my previous post.

But really, after reading Usenet for a bit, there's only so many times "KRYTEN!!! Unpack Rachel and get out the puncture repair kit!" and "No Silicon Heaven? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go?" are amusing...


I've never found the calculator line to be hilarious. It was amusing the first time I saw the episode, less so the second, and has decreased in value with each subsequent viewing.

By Austin Ross on 03-08-05 @ 03:32

The line "Duane Dibbley?" is pointless and not particularly funny...when written down. Almost as annoying as :

"I'm 14 and I've been watching Red Dwarf since two weeks before I was conceived. I'm mad, me. Smeg! Smoke me a kipper!" Etc...

By Pete Martin on 03-08-05 @ 08:37

You been on the LiveJournal community recently, Pete? ;-)

By Seb Patrick [TypeKey Profile Page] on 03-08-05 @ 10:21

Good point, well made.

By Spid on 03-08-05 @ 11:44

Would anyone like any toast?

By Ian Symes on 03-08-05 @ 11:55

Yeah, individual lines can get a bit worn out and even spoil the enjoyment of the episode after a while. A bit like how someone I know has ruined all of the best episodes of the Simpsons for me by quoting them non-stop for about five years, so much so that I ordered him never to quote Blackadder because I didn't want that spoiled as well.

With Red Dwarf though, it's my own fault.

By Smeghead2044 on 03-08-05 @ 13:47

> Yeah, individual lines can get a bit worn out and even spoil the enjoyment of the episode after a while.

The interesting thing for me though, it that it doesn't ruin the lines in the actual ep. Surrounded by a bit of context, and performed by someone who is actually funny, and they're fine. Even the toast stuff...

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 03-08-05 @ 18:38

'it does mean changing the bulb'

Anything along those lines has been so overquoted and overused in clips and everything that's it's just not 'funneh'(said in the same way as Danny and Robert say it when they're taking the piss out of Rob and Doug on the commentaries).

And anyone who uses Dwarf lines in conversation like 'black card'. I'm fucking black carding you. This is a black card situation end of conversation. It's brimming over with wrongability. And even just smeg, which I hate if anyone says 'cause it's as though they're patronising me. Fuck 'em. One of the most excruciating things I've ever had the misfortune to witness was someone putting fish fingers on someone elses plate and them saying 'fish' 'today's fish is trout a la creme, enjoy your meal' for every single fish finger. Now, I like that scene but every time I see it I'm always reminded of that and it does my head in.

I'm not saying I don't quote things. Just that I hate other people that do it 'cause I'm such a big baby who can't handle it if other people get more attention than me for more than a second... I find myself quoting Alan Partridge - when Lynn sits on a whoopee cushion, 'don't worry Lynn, it's just a cushion that simulates rectal gas' or 'Sonja, that was classic intercourse. So...thanks.' Right, I'm black carding myself. Why was that cut from remastered? Not that I'd know seeing that I'm against everything that they stand for and have never seen any of them......

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 03-08-05 @ 19:36

Now take a deep breath, performingmonkey.

By antipodean on 05-08-05 @ 00:50

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