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We're doing it all wrong!

Instead of posting anything remotely intelligent, interesting or thought-provoking, an online Dwarf community should be like this - a series of individual posts quoting one line from the series. And that's it.



You missed the part where, just because someone manages to string together a couple of lines of insight into the character of Billy Doyle, the assertion that "See, that's the best thing about Red Dwarf fans-- they're most likely smart, witty, and philosophical, because those that are BEST understand and love the show! You're right on!" is made. Um, in the same comment that also says about Doyle, "The hair just gives him that erotic crazy-madsex-man look."

By Seb Patrick on 21-04-05 @ 00:29

You should go along to Groovetown. They don't even talk about Red Dwarf, most of the time.

By Cappsy on 21-04-05 @ 10:54

Groovetown's moderator, there.

By Ian Symes on 21-04-05 @ 19:27

"Groovetown's moderator, there."

After I said that, I went on to find a load of posts about nothing other than Red Dwarf - and good ones, too. So I'm being unfair, really.

By Cappsy on 21-04-05 @ 19:32

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