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Editing Update

Excuse me, sirs, my intelligence circuits appear to have melted.

We're well over half-way with the actual dragging and dropping, but I think Kirk will have a bit of work to do with the audio when I've buggered off home tomorrow. We're very happy with the way it's turning out, though, even though it's the least enjoyable process of any production.

We've sat and watched what we've done so far through the TV, and it's very promising. You lot will just have to wait until November or February to see it... not that we're over-confident or anything.


Editing is fun, you cuntrag.

By John Hoare on 17-04-05 @ 00:55

I have to admit, I've done a few documentaries in my time...ya young whipper snapper...and this was BEFORE drag-and-drop. This was two fucking VCRs and a control panel. And it was FUN.

Of course, my idea of fun synchs up very nicely with sitting in a chair for twenty hours with root beer and Cheetos.

And I wish it didn't.

By Phil on 17-04-05 @ 01:45

I concur; editing is awesome.

By Scott Hammack on 17-04-05 @ 01:47

As do I. Editing's fun.

Not as fun as shooting the movie, but fun.

By antipodean on 17-04-05 @ 06:15

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