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Why does Kryten agree to Third Technician Lister's instruction to "Sit down! I'm not doing my own smegging ironing" over Second Technician Rimmer's instruction to "Get in the damn tube"?


Perhaps by that time he has broken his programming and conducts his life according to a set of values he arrived at independently?

That "set of values" being: OBEY LISTER.

By John Hoare on 13-04-05 @ 23:47

A living crew member outranks a dead one?

By Karl on 13-04-05 @ 23:50

Yup, Karl's got it. White Hole. Simple as.

I'd have said "Because he loooooooooves Mister Lister", but luckily Karl got the right answer before I needed to engage my brain in Series VII/VIII mode.

By Seb on 14-04-05 @ 09:43

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