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Full Force

Hmmmm... interesting.

Their vast new studio will start being built next month, buoyed by a £100,000 Department of Trade and Industry grant, and the new stage has already been booked for filming new BBC comedy drama Full Force, a Red Dwarf-style show, in the autumn.



Oooh, blimey! I wonder in what way it will be Red Dwarf-style? Perhaps it's set in space (likely), or maybe it's written by either Grant or Naylor (not likely, but a lovely thought).

I'm excited, none the less!

By Cappsy on 04-04-05 @ 16:25

I think "Red Dwarf style" is probably just a lazy synonym for "SF comedy".

Still, sounds interesting, anyway...

By John Hoare on 04-04-05 @ 17:03

Well, hopefully we'll feel the 'full force' of this show soon!!!1

By Cappsy on 04-04-05 @ 17:13




By Cappsy on 04-04-05 @ 17:15

I believe Star Hyke has finished shooting now, so let's wait and see...

I'm on the mailing list actually, but I've not had time to keep up with what's happening.

By John Hoare on 04-04-05 @ 17:22

How the hell can there be fans of a programme that doesn't exist yet? How will they feel if it turns out to be utter, utter shite?

(which, incidentally, it looks like it is)

By Seb on 04-04-05 @ 17:55

A very blatant attempt at viral marketing. Back when G&T had its comments intact, there was a massive argument about it. 'Fans' of the show were always on there hyping it up, and some of the regulars hurled abuse at them for it.

Very amusingly, one of the actresses complained that we'd ruined her career, because a Google search for her name brings up the big argument on G&T as the first result.

By Ian Symes on 04-04-05 @ 18:37

'a Red Dwarf-style show'

I'm surprised they used this, I mean it's not as though anybody knows what Dwarf is anymore......

Anyway, I hope it isn't too Dwarf-like or else it might stop the small rouge one returning to our screens (however slight that possibility is). It probably just means it contains sci-fi elements and is a bit funny. Doctor Who, anyone?

By performingmonkey on 04-04-05 @ 20:16

Saw the trailer and have to agree with Seb, it is utter, utter shite.

The producer also stated it was not like Red Dwarf because Red Dwarf is a situation comedy which just happens to be set on a space ship. He said Hyke was a Sci Fi comedy in the British style. Obviously an Idiot!!!

I dont know which actress has said you have ruined her career but after seeing the trailer she really needs to find a new agent (or shoot the one who sent her for this audition) Star Hyke will have no problems in ending anyones career.

By nostromo on 04-05-05 @ 22:54

Interesting reading the comments. As the actress who posted to the original G&T site I just want to clarify that it was not me who said that you had ruined her career - I don't know who that was but I can assure you it wasn't me - Star Hyke was my initiation onto the small screen - a small step for some but a giant leap for me - who knows that the future will bring. Hopefully Star Hyke will hit the small screen soon and you will be able to make your own minds up - regardless of what you thought of the trailer. My best wishes to the cast and crew of Full Force - may it be a hit.
Fiona Reynard

By Fiona Reynard on 01-09-05 @ 15:11

I have to say, despite my slightly snide remarks in my first G&T article I did on Star Hyke, I always slightly regretted them - it's OK being snide about Dwarf, as it's obvious I'm a huge fan of it - it's less fair to be like that about a show that hasn't even been broadcast yet. I've always said since then that I want to see the show before making my mind up.

What with Who, Hyke, and Hyperdrive (renamed from Full Force), along with other planned shows, we could be entering a new age of Brit TV SF. Let's hope so.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 01-09-05 @ 18:49

Fiona - I've just re-read the old comments on G&T, and you're right. I mis-remembered the conversation. You did say something along the lines that you needed Star Hyke to be a big success in order to kick-start your career, but it wasn't you that said that we were somehow stopping Star Hyke from being successful.

Sincere apologies for (unintentionally) twisting your words, and the best of luck for Mirrormask and Star Hyke!

By Ian Symes on 01-09-05 @ 20:02

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