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Radio, what's new?

Following on from Chris Moyles' Red Dwarf clips, yet more Red Dwarf clips have been played on the nation's popular radio station, as Joey of BTLi reveals:

Scott Mills (of Southampton fame) used clips of Lister to play down the phone line as a prank on a Planetarium in the US. I think Scott got a little trigger happy with the 'bazookoids' clip though...

I actually hate this item usually (bog stand lazy LETS LAFF AT THE UNSUSPECTING PUBLICS, type crap) but it's still good to hear Dwarf clips on prime-time Radio 1, all the same. Someone at the station obivously got a Series VI DVD for their birthday.

Anyway, through the magic of audio streaming and recording software, you can listen to it for yourselves.


This can be funny on occasion: sadly I didn't hear the Zippy clips Scott played a week or so ago in full, but the teaser made me laugh out loud in the car.

By Tanya Jones on 04-04-05 @ 13:08

"It's a sci-fi thing, innit?"


By Austin Ross on 04-04-05 @ 14:40


Where as there seems to be a difference in opinion over the talents of Chris Moyels, I would hope we can all agree that Scott Mills is a big waste of air-space.

By Cappsy on 04-04-05 @ 16:28

Not the best one I've heard. There's better ones with Arnold Schwarzenegger clips where he says "Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"

By antipodean on 05-04-05 @ 01:21

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