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Observations, then? Alright then. Here's one for ya. I realised this when I was putting together my Series V DVD review.

Lister is supposed to be the series' main character, right? The series is predominantly about his relationship with Rimmer, but really, he's the "lead" of it all - we see everything through his eyes, he's our connection to the show's world by being the last human being alive. So why is it that so many episodes are actually about Rimmer, and not much else? It was Series V that led me to spot this, as exactly half the episodes - Holoship, Quarantine and Terrorform - are predominantly about him. Yet none of the other three could really be said to be just about Lister (or anyone else, for that matter) - Demons & Angels and Back To Reality are both group efforts, while The Inquisitor is a Lister and Kryten special.

I feel there's an article in here somewhere - I think I'm going to go through episode by episode and pick out which episodes could be said to be about which characters. I'd do it here, but it'll come out too long. But who do you think is more likely to come out on top? Just because Lister is ostensibly the main character, it doesn't necessarily follow that he'll get the most screentime - it seems to me that more of the episodes that focus on a particular character (rather than two, three or all of them) are likely to be Arnie-orientated...

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