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Jonathan Capps was born on 22 June 1983 in the Northern English market town of Northallerton, where he lives to this day. He is currently studying a Web Development BSc at The University of Teesside.

Jonathan's obsession with Red Dwarf began early in his life, and was up to full speed by the 1994 repeats, when recorded all 35 aired episodes and crafted special covers for each tape complete with episode and main cast list. It would be several years before he got a girlfriend.

As well as The Observation Dome, Jonathan runs the Red Dwarf fan site The White Hole and is the Moderator for the Groovetown Forums.

Photo of Mr. Flibble
Kirk Northrop
aka Mr Flibble

Being just 21-years-old, Mr Flibble is excellently placed to comment on a show that was produced largely before he was out of short trousers. But combining an interest in Red Dwarf with technology, film and broadcast media means he can try, and usually manage, to cram all of these topics in one conversation.

Living in the bustling city of Manchester, a couple of minutes walk from the studio where Red Dwarf was first filmed, he spends his days running around a cinema, writing code and articles for websites and watching too many DVDs.

A Stock Control Clerk, John discovered Red Dwarf in the 1994 repeat season, and quickly grew dangerously obsessed. In 2002 he met Ian Symes on NOTBBC, and in April 2003 they combined forces to relaunch Ganymede & Titan - still the best Dwarf fansite on the internet, but only because John has little else to do with his life. It has only been in legal trouble twice.

He is currently trying to pursue a career in web design by putting together a portfolio of web sites he has designed. Unfortunately, this actually means being able to design websites, which is proving a problem. His long-term partner is Tanya Jones, and he still can't quite believe she lets him put his penis inside her.

John Hoare is 24.

Tanya Jones is the eldest member of the Observation Dome team, and became obsessed with Red Dwarf on the first airing of the third series, learning several episodes by heart. She was born way back in 1977 in the coastal resort of Sidmouth, in Devon, and now lives 20 miles away in Exeter, after a great deal of moving around. She assures everyone that she meets that Sidmouth was THE place to be in Regency England, and they are all equally fascinated. She works as a Data Analyst for Reuters in Tiverton, but is soon to be made redundant after she finishes teaching some people in India how to do her job.

As well as the one contribution to The Observation Dome, Tanya runs the comedy appreciation site Flangelog, and currently has a blog detailing her experiences in India. She is also a moderator for NOTBBC, and, in her spare time, is John Hoare's PA, maid, nurse and occasional snuggling partner. She still can't quite believe that she lets him put his penis inside her.

Seb Patrick is a 23 year-old Scouser who now lives back in Oxford after having been all smart-arsed and got his degree there. He currently temps in publishing and stuff, but has a long-term goal of working in broadcasting, to which end he spent most of 2005 working for the BBC for free back in Liverpool. He was one of the many people who jumped on board the good ship Dwarf around series IV, and was of the right age to be sufficiently excited about series VII on its broadcast and not yet old enough to actually have his spirits crushed by its flaws.

He is the webmaster of Fuchal, which is brilliant when it updates but never seems to do so, and holds the controversial view that the novels are better than the TV series. When at college, his Dad knew Craig Charles, and says he was a prat even then.

Bio coming soon

Bio coming soon

Austin Ross is a relative newcomer to the Red Dwarf field, having discovered the show only after all eight seasons had been produced. Having been a science fiction fan for as long as he can remember, he caught on to the concept of Red Dwarf quickly and soon approached John Hoare about running a fansite, the intention of which was to educate everyone else on the history of the SF field and of Red Dwarf's place within that genre. The result was Garbage World, which he occasionally updates with boring bits of trivia.

He is currently a university student by day, a journalist by the rest of the day, an aspiring science fiction author by whatever's left of the day, and a 16th century French agalmatophiliac by night.

He has never seen an entire episode of Red Dwarf: Remastered.

Neal Stark

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Ian Symes has been worryingly obsessed with Red Dwarf since the age of seven. He co-runs Ganymede & Titan with his good friend John Hoare, and was a founder member of Observation Dome.

Using his limited expertise learned from his ongoing degree course in Television Production, he directed the joint-winning entrant of the DVD fan film competition. His favourite hobbies include watching telly, wasting time on his PS2, arguing about rule change on BTLi, saying rude things on various other fora, drinking, smoking and swearing.