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The Observation Dome is an open organisation and so we always have space for more contributors to our site. Would you like to contribute to the most 'informative' site on the net? If so, read on.

Joining the Dome will give you a posting account for the team blog, access to the mailing list and the ability to submit any new material to the Stuff section – such as reviews, episode capsules or diary entries.

However, we do insist that you have a good grasp of the English language and that you don't consider smeg to be the best word ever. Submissions to the blog should at least be vaguely to do with Dwarf. Posts about your breakfast are disallowed, for instance; unless your sausage was shaped a bit like the Re-mastered Red Dwarf and you just feel the need to tell the world about it.

So, if you think you'd be right at home with the boys and girls from the Dome then please feel free to contact us! Don't be concerned if we take an overly long amount of time to get back to you – as well as being known as some of the most dedicated Dwarf fans on the net, we're also known for being useless bastards, too.