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The Observation Dome is a collection of fanatical Dwarfers spanning the world (well, two countries). observationdome.org is our soap-box from which we broadcast our day-to-day thoughts and 'observations' of all things Dwarf, which crop up in daily life.

The Dome is an open organisation (see the Contribute page, for details on applying) but our current members total 11, and are amongst the most dedicated Dwarfers the internet has to offer. Our aim is to keep on growing.

However, a weblog does little to placate our insane lust for power, so we've begun branching out into various production areas. In March 2005 Dome members Cappsy, Mr Flibble, John, Tanya, Seb, Austin and Ian shot a short film to be entered into Grant Naylor Productions' Series VII and VIII DVD fan film competition... and won. Observation Dome Productions was born, and will soon be branching into radio and further video productions.